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Buy Regular Maintenance Service for Home Warranties

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Kingo Services offers an All-Inclusive Service for Houston’s residential clients, featuring a one-time comprehensive maintenance of both AC and heating systems. This includes a detailed check of air conditioning units and furnace maintenance, ensuring optimal functioning and safety. The service also covers evaporator care and seasonal preparedness, guaranteeing efficiency and comfort all year round. Kingo’s expertise ensures peak performance and lasting home comfort.



  1. All-Inclusive Service:
    • Tailored for Houston Metropolitan residential clients.
    • One-time detailed maintenance for both AC and heating systems.
  2. Air Conditioning Check:
    • Thorough inspection of the condenser, including wiring, capacitor, amp output, compressor, and fan motor.
    • Evaluation of Armour flex, low and high voltage wires, and refrigerant levels.
  3. Furnace Maintenance:
    • Ensuring optimal furnace function, including clean filters and ducts.
    • Inspection of the flame rod, orifice tube, blower motor, capacitor, and amp.
    • Assessment of surge protection for added safety.
  4. Evaporator Care:
    • Examination of primary and secondary float switches.
    • Cleaning (if accessible) and verification of proper level installation.
  5. Seasonal Preparedness:
    • Ideal for preparing your systems for any season.
    • Ensures efficient operation and comfort throughout the year.
  6. Kingo Quality Assurance:
    • Rely on Kingo’s expertise for peak system performance.
    • Experience hassle-free, thorough service for lasting home comfort.

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